Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April's tasks - Beautiful is as beautiful does

Good behavior is very important if you want to grow to become a young woman of God. At school, at home, among family members and in your neighborhood, how you act shows whether or not you belong to God.  Take a look at your daily habits, the way you normally act every day.  Of course everyone has their bad days, but they should happen only once in a while. Most days should be good and positive!  

You’re the girl that smiles and greets people with courtesy - good morning, good night, thank you, excuse me, I’m sorry – that shows you’re polite! You know how to be friendly even though you might be shy.  
You’re not a motor-mouth who talks all the time, and you’re also not tongue-tied and refuse to say anything. 
You don’t talk about indecent things and you aren’t vulgar
You don’t lie but always speak the truth
You don’t cuss or use filthy language
You don’t steal or mistreat people, and you don’t exclude others, especially at school
You don’t throw tantrums, shout at your parents, or disrespects teachers

Your Tasks: Build your reputation for good behavior one step at a time. 
  1. Write a letter listing all the things about your behavior that you forget to do or that you do wrong, and give it to your Big Sis so she can pray for you about it. 
  2. On a small card, write this month’s lesson (in red above) and place it where you will remember to read every day in the morning and ask Jesus to remind you to put them into practice. 
  3. Don’t drink any soda this month and choose a healthier kind of drink to enjoy. 
  4. Get to know your new friend as a sister, who your Big Sis will choose for you, and choose a cool new look (outfit) for each other to use during one of the services in church this month.  Take a special picture of the two of you to post that day in the Godllywood Girls community. 

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  1. So excited for the girls , May God bless them through out this month and give them strength to complete their task. :)