Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September's Tasks: choosing your routine

To become a woman of God, you need to be careful about your daily activities.  What are the things you usually do, where do you spend your time, how often are you on the internet, Facebook, or Instagram?  What habits have you formed that are good for you, and what habits are unhealthy?

Our daily routines start at home, as soon as you wake up in the morning. If you stick to our regular daily tasks for our group, you wake up on time, brush your teeth, tidy your room, dress yourself well, greet everyone at home with a smile, and eat a good breakfast. But what else do you do all day?  Go to school? Stay home?  Go out with mom? Study?

What you do in between doing your G-Girl tasks may actually erase all the good that you’ve done, depending on what those routines are. How can that happen? If you go out to dances, watching TV all day, surf the Internet for hours, play video games, waste time talking about nothing, gossiping about others, this can undo all the good you are trying to accomplish for yourself and for God.

What you do most in life shows what you want most in life. If you spend more time doing whatever has nothing to do with God, and spend just a little time to talk to God, it means that you really don’t want to be a woman of God ... But the world sure does fascinate you!

The world is all that keeps you from God.  Everyone seems to love the world but what kind daily life does the world have to offer you? Ups and downs, more sadness than happiness, more doubt than certainty, more anxiety than peace, more anger than love, more rebellious than respect.


1. Decide on how will choose your routine starting today. Write in your journal what you will do on a daily basis and create new habits that will help them to be closer to God and grow into A WOMAN OF GOD. Give a copy of what you wrote to your Sis.

2. Set aside one day a week to meet your new friend as a sister (chosen by your Big Sis) to pray over both of your prayer boxes. 

3. Do some physical activity with your mom or dad every week (walking, hiking, running, cycling, etc.)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tasks for July - love to learn!

The Bible says that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Fear of God is about respecting God. When you respect someone, you do what He teaches you to do and never displeases. If you always put Jesus first in your life, you will not want to displease him, and with that, He will give you wisdom all the days of your life.

Wisdom also comes by reading what is good: the Bible, and books with a message that will lift up your spirit to God.

Wisdom comes with looking at the examples of others, seeing their strengths and learning from them, and also seeing their mistakes and learning to avoid the same problems.

And wisdom comes when we study, both in and out of school. It’s summer vacation now, and many of you don’t want to even think about the first day of school at the end of August.  But this is the time to keep your mind alert to learning.  If you had a hard time adjusting to school last year, decide by faith that this year will be completely different.  Learn to love learning even now.  Discover the joy of letting new ideas sink into your mind, ask questions, research, love to learn!

JULY TASKS: Have you even known people who were unwise in the choices they made?  Did you see the problems that were caused because they didn’t want to learn from God, or learn from their parents?  Write a short paragraph about the bad examples you have seen, and the unwise things you are determined to avoid in your life. Keep a copy and give another copy to your Big Sis.

Get together at least once a week with the new Friend Like Sister that your Big Sis will assign you, and learn something new together.  Your moms or Big Sis’s can give suggestions, if you need.   Write about what you learned in the Godllywood Girls community at least once a week.

Read the book: "The Profile of the Youth of God,” by Bishop Renato.  If you have a hard time understanding it, read it together with your moms.  For those who don’t have the “Profile of the Youth of God” book available in your churches, read “A Girl After God’s Own Heart,” by Elizabeth George (available in most bookstores and online.) Write what you learned from your readings in our Godllywood Girls community.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Tasks for June - Make your house a home!

To become a woman of God, you need to take good care of your home.  Two things make a home: the people who live there and the things in the house that we use for our daily living.  Both need plenty of love and care to turn an ordinary house into a home.

Respecting our parents is how we care for the most important people in our homes.  That is one of the 10 commandments.  If you don’t respect them, how can you respect God?  If you have parents that don’t obey God, then you need to pray for them and not create more problems at home with anger or rebellious attitudes.

Treat your brothers and sisters with special care as well. Don’t waste time fighting over mindless things, but learn to get along with them peacefully.

Take good care of your room, make your bed in the morning, help to wash the dishes, clear and set the table, fold your laundry, and learn how to prepare some basic dishes for your family.

Always be clean and organized with your things – the way you care for these things reveals who you are, and who Jesus is in you!

June tasks:

  1. Do something extra for your home at least twice a week and post what you did in Godllywood Girls.  
  2. Agree with your new Friend Like Sister to read the book of Luke, and post what God spoke to you both in Godllywood Girls. 
  3. Choose a new, but discreet fashion trend that you can try out this month, and post a picture of yourself with this new look in Godllywood Girls.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Tasks for the month of May!

This month is all about your HEART!

Are you too young to start thinking about boys?  Dating?  Marriage?  Not at all, as long as you are letting God lead you and teach you how to guide your heart and your mind about these things.  Someday you will all grow to become beautiful young women, and God wants to lead you in every area of your life, especially when it comes to finding someone to begin a new life with!  Don’t feel embarrassed to talk about these things, because this is a part of growing up. The sooner we begin to listen to God, the easier it will be for us to make the right choices.

Many young girls and women who don’t understand this, have made many bad decisions and are very unhappy right now.  But a girl who belongs to God, can avoid all of that unhappiness, and instead become very, very, happy – but only if she lets God lead!  Are you ready to listen to Him?  Then do your best with this month’s tasks.

Your Tasks:

  1. Write a request to Jesus for the kind of man God wants for you and make a vow to God that you will wait for the one He will faithfully to show you, and that you will never be with anyone else until that time – you will demonstrate your vow through your offering. Write a copy of your request and give it to your Big Sis who will pray for you.  Put your copy in a special place where you can remember your vow, and start praying about it even now. 
  2. Play some sports or have some fun outdoor activity with the new Friend Like Sister (who your Big Sis will choose for you), and post a photo of you two having fun in the Godllywood Girls community. 
  3. Also come to church with a different hairstyle every Sunday and post a photo on Godllywood Girls as well.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Think outside yourself

Being a part of a special group is so fun and makes you feel so privileged!  It's true that because you have worked hard and dedicated your heart and soul to becoming a Godllywood Girl, you now have earned the right to actually be one.  But one danger comes with that.  It's when you begin to think that you are better than others, and begin to act that way.  When you exclude others, when you show favoritism, when you stop being kind and thoughtful, you lose the spirit of Godllywood and that's exactly what we DON'T want!  

The Spirit of God is constantly giving, caring and helping.  When we are following His Spirit, we need to be doing the same thing.  You now have new friends in your group.  You also have new girls you can meet every week in church, even those who aren't a part of Godllywood.  God is looking at you to see if you are following His Spirit and showing kindness, care and friendliness to everyone.  

To be a Godllywood Girl, there is no room for selfishness or rudeness.  That is in the No-No's list!  The moment you notice that you are acting that way, pray immediately, ask God to forgive you and then do exactly the opposite of that behavior.  Even when it's hard to be nice to someone you are jealous of or feel uncomfortable with, you are letting God bless you more. What you reap you sow.  What you do comes back to you!

Instead of just thinking of what you want, being friendly to those who you like and being kind only to those who are kind to you, start to give your kindness to others - think outside yourself!  Remember, the world doesn't revolve around you!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April's tasks - Beautiful is as beautiful does

Good behavior is very important if you want to grow to become a young woman of God. At school, at home, among family members and in your neighborhood, how you act shows whether or not you belong to God.  Take a look at your daily habits, the way you normally act every day.  Of course everyone has their bad days, but they should happen only once in a while. Most days should be good and positive!  

You’re the girl that smiles and greets people with courtesy - good morning, good night, thank you, excuse me, I’m sorry – that shows you’re polite! You know how to be friendly even though you might be shy.  
You’re not a motor-mouth who talks all the time, and you’re also not tongue-tied and refuse to say anything. 
You don’t talk about indecent things and you aren’t vulgar
You don’t lie but always speak the truth
You don’t cuss or use filthy language
You don’t steal or mistreat people, and you don’t exclude others, especially at school
You don’t throw tantrums, shout at your parents, or disrespects teachers

Your Tasks: Build your reputation for good behavior one step at a time. 
  1. Write a letter listing all the things about your behavior that you forget to do or that you do wrong, and give it to your Big Sis so she can pray for you about it. 
  2. On a small card, write this month’s lesson (in red above) and place it where you will remember to read every day in the morning and ask Jesus to remind you to put them into practice. 
  3. Don’t drink any soda this month and choose a healthier kind of drink to enjoy. 
  4. Get to know your new friend as a sister, who your Big Sis will choose for you, and choose a cool new look (outfit) for each other to use during one of the services in church this month.  Take a special picture of the two of you to post that day in the Godllywood Girls community. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

March - the Feast of Purim!

This month we will be celebrating the wonderful Feast of Purim!!  Let's get ready to dress up in beautiful long gowns and enjoy dancing, singing and a special message from Queen Esther!

God blessed Queen Esther because she knew God and trusted in Him even when it was very hard to do. When you want to know someone, you talk to them, find out what they like, take time to be with them and listen to what they say, go where they go, you like and follow them! That's what we have to do with Jesus.

To do that, you have to read the Bible daily - it doesn't have to be a lot, just to hear God speak to you.  Read books that help you learn more about God instead of watching cartoons, silly comedies and reality shows that keep you from Him.

Pray every day.  When you wake up, pray the Lord's Prayer! If you don't know it, your Big Sis will teach you the Lord's Prayer in church.  Pray strong whenever you feel lonely or need the help of Jesus, when you're scared, don't know what to do or you're scared.

Go to church on Sundays and Wednesdays - listen to the pastor's message, sit in front of the church and pay close attention because God will speak to you about your life.

Follow the example of women of God and forget about celebrities who become idols and gods for so many people in this world - actors, singers, bands, models.  How can you learn more about God if you don't enjoy being like Him?  Be a friend with girls who are also friends of God.  If you are on any online communities, like and follow the things of God - church blogs, and things that will inspire your faith.

This month's tasks:

  1. At least once a week, share something you know about Jesus in our Godllywood Girls group and tell why it is important in your life. 
  2. Wear an outfit that is both modern modest take a picture and send it to your Big Sis so we can post it on our blog. 
  3. Get to know your new friend-like-sister that your Big Sis will choose for you and record a video together that you share with your Big Sis to post on our blog, talking about what Jesus means to the both of you.