Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September's Tasks: choosing your routine

To become a woman of God, you need to be careful about your daily activities.  What are the things you usually do, where do you spend your time, how often are you on the internet, Facebook, or Instagram?  What habits have you formed that are good for you, and what habits are unhealthy?

Our daily routines start at home, as soon as you wake up in the morning. If you stick to our regular daily tasks for our group, you wake up on time, brush your teeth, tidy your room, dress yourself well, greet everyone at home with a smile, and eat a good breakfast. But what else do you do all day?  Go to school? Stay home?  Go out with mom? Study?

What you do in between doing your G-Girl tasks may actually erase all the good that you’ve done, depending on what those routines are. How can that happen? If you go out to dances, watching TV all day, surf the Internet for hours, play video games, waste time talking about nothing, gossiping about others, this can undo all the good you are trying to accomplish for yourself and for God.

What you do most in life shows what you want most in life. If you spend more time doing whatever has nothing to do with God, and spend just a little time to talk to God, it means that you really don’t want to be a woman of God ... But the world sure does fascinate you!

The world is all that keeps you from God.  Everyone seems to love the world but what kind daily life does the world have to offer you? Ups and downs, more sadness than happiness, more doubt than certainty, more anxiety than peace, more anger than love, more rebellious than respect.


1. Decide on how will choose your routine starting today. Write in your journal what you will do on a daily basis and create new habits that will help them to be closer to God and grow into A WOMAN OF GOD. Give a copy of what you wrote to your Sis.

2. Set aside one day a week to meet your new friend as a sister (chosen by your Big Sis) to pray over both of your prayer boxes. 

3. Do some physical activity with your mom or dad every week (walking, hiking, running, cycling, etc.)