Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Tasks

The Bible says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made!!  God formed you before you were born and gave you this beautiful body and soul.

We are all supposed to become a Temple of the Holy Spirit inside our own bodies.  That means we have to take good care of ourselves, to love ourselves and our bodies by being clean and healthy.

This month, let's show respect for God by loving ourselves by learning to be clean and healthy every day.  Your Big Sis will give you your own list of the Temple of the Holy Spirit that explains how you are to keep clean and healthy every day throughout the month.  There is a list for Pearls, and another for Sapphires.

You are to make a chart with your own paper and colored pens to have your mom put a sticker next to every day that you have completed your list of keeping your body clean. This should be an easy task, because these things are what you are supposed to to for the rest of your life!  There are other lists on your poster about cleaning your clothes and room.  Those are for you to learn bit by bit as your mom decides when you are ready.  But your tasks for February are only about your health and hygiene. 

Have fun!