Monday, June 24, 2013

Is PreSisterhood for the weak? No!!

Last Saturday we had our Pre-Sisterhood meeting in Houston and we talked quite a bit about the story of Jacob and Esau, and how Jacob's heart changed from a cheater to a man of faith.  His name changed to Israel - one who wrestles with God!

I asked our girls, "Is it right for you to wrestle with God?"  Most of them stared back at me and shook their heads, "No..." What a surprise to learn that the answer is YES!!  We need to be gentle, kind, gracious, loving and sensitive to other's needs, and at the same time, be bold and assertive in our prayers with God.  He loves bold faith!

Can we accept sadness and depression? No!

Can we be afraid of bad news?  No!

From Baby Sisters to big men of faith, God wants all of us to be strong in believing that we are safe in His hands, and that all evil is under our feet.  God was so happy and pleased when Jacob wrestled with Him.  Let's always be girls and women of faith who please God just like Jacob.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

June tasks

Congratulations - school is out for summer!  What a wonderful time to have fun and grow.

Your special tasks for this month of June.  It may sound simple, but it will take some thinking, prayer and work!!

Bring at least 3 new kids to church this month, either girls or boys.  See if your mom or dad can agree to give them a ride to church to join in the Kids Zone, even if their parents don't want to come on their own. PROOF: Introduce them to your Big Sis and have her take a picture of the both of you.

Also, learn a new skill with your moms at home: some ideas could be to learn how to sew something simple, or to iron or to prepare a dish you never made before,  It could be any kind of skill from the house or the garden to doing something special on the computer, or learning how to do some sort of craft that your mother already knows and wants to teach you.  The skill will need to be something you've never learned, but is appropriate for your age. PROOF: take a picture as you are learning together with your mom and show it to your Big Sis.

Big Sis's, your tasks are to get the pictures and make sure you send them on to me so we can post them here.

Have a wonderful month of June.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June tasks... coming soon!

Hi gals, be patient, your tasks for June are on their way... Keep checking back, they'll be up soon:)