Friday, May 2, 2014

Tasks for the month of May!

This month is all about your HEART!

Are you too young to start thinking about boys?  Dating?  Marriage?  Not at all, as long as you are letting God lead you and teach you how to guide your heart and your mind about these things.  Someday you will all grow to become beautiful young women, and God wants to lead you in every area of your life, especially when it comes to finding someone to begin a new life with!  Don’t feel embarrassed to talk about these things, because this is a part of growing up. The sooner we begin to listen to God, the easier it will be for us to make the right choices.

Many young girls and women who don’t understand this, have made many bad decisions and are very unhappy right now.  But a girl who belongs to God, can avoid all of that unhappiness, and instead become very, very, happy – but only if she lets God lead!  Are you ready to listen to Him?  Then do your best with this month’s tasks.

Your Tasks:

  1. Write a request to Jesus for the kind of man God wants for you and make a vow to God that you will wait for the one He will faithfully to show you, and that you will never be with anyone else until that time – you will demonstrate your vow through your offering. Write a copy of your request and give it to your Big Sis who will pray for you.  Put your copy in a special place where you can remember your vow, and start praying about it even now. 
  2. Play some sports or have some fun outdoor activity with the new Friend Like Sister (who your Big Sis will choose for you), and post a photo of you two having fun in the Godllywood Girls community. 
  3. Also come to church with a different hairstyle every Sunday and post a photo on Godllywood Girls as well.