Monday, December 2, 2013

December Tasks

It's the end of 2013!!! Can you believe the year has flown by so fast?  This is our month of looking back and reevaluating how we have pleased God, how we have grown, and what areas of our lives still need more work.  Your task this month is to ask your Sis to give you 2 personal tasks that she knows you need to work on.  Maybe they will be tasks that she gave you before but you didn't do them well, or didn't learn from.  Or maybe she'll pick new tasks that she knows you need.  Ask her right away and start working on them as soon as she gives them to you.

Sis's please talk to your girls at least once a week, to check on how they're doing!

We'll talk about all we've learned this year in our Pearl and Sapphire retrospective meeting at the end of this month.

Monday, November 4, 2013

November Tasks - to be done cheerfully!

This is the month of Thanksgiving!! It’s the month where we give thanks to God for all He’s done for us, for all He’s provided.  This began when the first Christians who settled in America came from England, and depended on God to provide for them and give them a new home where they could worship God freely.  It was not easy, and everyone had to work together to survive that first year, but God blessed them abundantly.

If we want big blessings and a great life, we need to be willing to do at least 3 things.  If we don’t, God won’t be able to bless us with all that He wants to give us.  What are those 3 things?

Be willing to work hard with a cheerful heart
Depend on God to guide you
Give all the thanks and glory to God when the blessings come

This month of November, let’s learn to do all 3 of those things.  These are your tasks:

Read the book, “Little House in the Big Woods,” by Laura Ingalls Wilder (you can find it in any library or bookstore) PROOF:  Meet with your Big Sis every week and talk about the book.

Notice how the family had to work hard, and everyone was a team.  Become a daughter in your house who is part of the family team.  Ask your mom or dad to choose 2 tasks for you this month to help the family work together well.  (For example, set the table for every family meal, rake the leaves in the yard a few times a week, fold laundry etc.)  Make sure that you do these tasks CHEERFULLY!!
PROOF: Take pictures and share them with your Big Sis, who will share them on our community

Pray every morning for your family, for your parents’ jobs and for your brothers and sisters to be blessed in school or work.  Ask God to lead your family to make the right choices.

Give thanks to God every evening before you go to bed, for every good thing that happened that day.

Friday, September 6, 2013

September Tasks

  1. Pray for your teacher at school and the kids in your class every night before you go to bed.  Have your mom or dad anoint your head before you leave for school every morning to bless you.  Proof: tell your Big Sis about it and share with her any problems you may have at school so she can pray for you too.
  2. Do something special for Kids Zone or PreTeen Force, depending on which group you belong to.  It can be donating special posters and decorations, or craft items like new crayons or construction paper, or snacks for your classes.  Proof:  Show it to your Big Sis and take a picture of what you’ve done to share in our community.
  3. Do something fun with your friend like sister that was assigned to you last July.  Proof: Take pictures of you together and find out something new about her that you didn’t know that you can share with your Big Sis and in the next meeting. 
  4. Read the story of Hannah in the Bible and be ready to talk about it in our meeting.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

August Tasks - use your imaginations!!

Do something helpful every day of the month, but choose something different each day.  You can help your mom, your dad, your brothers and sisters, do something for the whole family, do something for your pastor or pastor’s wife, for your Kids Zone teacher or Big Sis, for a neighbor or a church member – it’s up to you to choose!  Proof: Write a journal with your list of what you did every day and who you did it for.

Learn to mix and match your clothes with different accessories!  Have fun with your imagination.  Choose 4 dresses or skirts and wear them twice to church throughout the month, but with a different look each time.  Wear one outfit on a Sunday, and another on a Wednesday.  Choose one of those to remake a third time for the final Wednesday of the month. You will have 9 different outfits with new looks for the whole month of August!  Proof: Show your Big Sis and take pictures to post on our blog and community.

Who is Miriam in the Bible?  Read about her, talk about her with your mom and write about the good things she did, and the mistakes she made too.  Proof: show what you have written to your Big Sis and bring the paper with you to our monthly meeting.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Upcoming Rush, only for girls who want to re-enter

Starting the first full week of August, is the new set of Rush Months for the Pre-Sisterhood.  Only this is not the ordinary Rush for new applicants, it’s for girls who once were a part of the group, but for some reason, were not able to continue.  If they want to rejoin us, they can do so only after these requirements are met:

They show an interest to rejoin, and their parent or guardian agrees.
The pastor’s wife of your church agrees that she is ready to try again.
They and their parent/guardian fills out and signs an application form and hands it in before the end of July.
They fulfill all the required tasks for the 3 months, not just barely, but well, using creativity and showing an enthusiasm for the group, and for the meaningfulness of each task.

Then you can hand them the printout of their tasks and they can get started on Sunday August 4th, and it will end, Sunday November 3rd.  You can meet with your PreSisterhood leader in your region during the week to determine which girls made it through.

Click here to find and download the Pre-Sisterhood Rush Task list.  Big Sis's, please find all applications in both Spanish and English on our Godllywood community page.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Your Tasks for July

1. This month let’s learn to give our best to God.  As a member of Pre-Sisterhood, you should already be giving your tithes of allowance, gifts and anything you earn.  If you aren’t, you need to begin right away! 

But as important as your tithes are, your offerings to God are very precious to Him and open doors for you to be blessed.

Learn this month to be a GIVER.  Come to God’s house with something for Him in each service you attend.  If your Kids Zone teacher or Pre-Teen leader forgets to ask for offerings, be sure to give it anyway.  A heart that learns to be generous to God is one that can receive much more from His hands.  In the end, who is blessed?  God is, the work of God is, and you are too!  PROOF: Your Big Sister needs to see that you have given.

2. Your Big Sis will choose a Friend Like Sister for you this month.  Get to know her, invite her to do something fun with you this month, pray for her every day, and give her a special present from you in our next Pre-Sisterhood meeting.

Big Sis’s: please help by always having Kids Zone or Pre-Sisterhood envelopes available to give each meeting.  This isn’t a competition of how much they can give, so make sure they know that what they give is up to them and has to be from their heart. But even so, we want to motivate them to have a giving heart towards God.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Is PreSisterhood for the weak? No!!

Last Saturday we had our Pre-Sisterhood meeting in Houston and we talked quite a bit about the story of Jacob and Esau, and how Jacob's heart changed from a cheater to a man of faith.  His name changed to Israel - one who wrestles with God!

I asked our girls, "Is it right for you to wrestle with God?"  Most of them stared back at me and shook their heads, "No..." What a surprise to learn that the answer is YES!!  We need to be gentle, kind, gracious, loving and sensitive to other's needs, and at the same time, be bold and assertive in our prayers with God.  He loves bold faith!

Can we accept sadness and depression? No!

Can we be afraid of bad news?  No!

From Baby Sisters to big men of faith, God wants all of us to be strong in believing that we are safe in His hands, and that all evil is under our feet.  God was so happy and pleased when Jacob wrestled with Him.  Let's always be girls and women of faith who please God just like Jacob.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

June tasks

Congratulations - school is out for summer!  What a wonderful time to have fun and grow.

Your special tasks for this month of June.  It may sound simple, but it will take some thinking, prayer and work!!

Bring at least 3 new kids to church this month, either girls or boys.  See if your mom or dad can agree to give them a ride to church to join in the Kids Zone, even if their parents don't want to come on their own. PROOF: Introduce them to your Big Sis and have her take a picture of the both of you.

Also, learn a new skill with your moms at home: some ideas could be to learn how to sew something simple, or to iron or to prepare a dish you never made before,  It could be any kind of skill from the house or the garden to doing something special on the computer, or learning how to do some sort of craft that your mother already knows and wants to teach you.  The skill will need to be something you've never learned, but is appropriate for your age. PROOF: take a picture as you are learning together with your mom and show it to your Big Sis.

Big Sis's, your tasks are to get the pictures and make sure you send them on to me so we can post them here.

Have a wonderful month of June.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June tasks... coming soon!

Hi gals, be patient, your tasks for June are on their way... Keep checking back, they'll be up soon:)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May meeting - be strong and brave God's way!

Yesterday we had a fun time talking with Babies, Big Sis's and moms about what makes us strong.  Most had seen the movie Brave, and these are the ideas that we shared:

Being strong doesn't mean being rebellious or disrespectful
Being strong doesn't mean acting like a boy and hating feminine things
Being strong doesn't mean that what you feel like doing is the right thing
Being strong doesn't come from physical strength or being pushy

Strength comes from being wise
Strength comes from respecting the authorities God put over you
Strength comes from finding God's ways to deal with things that seem unfair
Strength comes from having the courage to do what you don't feel like, just because it's right
Strength comes from resisting the urge to be selfish
Strength comes from letting God work things out in His time, His way
Strength comes from accepting who you are as a girl/young woman and growing in that grace

Enjoy some of the pics of our meeting in Houston at the Succeed in Life Center!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Upcoming monthly meeting: Just who is Merida?

The movie, Brave was a big hit here in the US and I'm sure around the world.  The heroine is the young princess, Merida, who doesn't like fancy clothes and would rather sword-fight than be ladylike.  She isn't interested in impressing boys, has a strong personality and has won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of little girls everywhere.  She's Disney's newest version of what our girls are supposed to aspire to be.

Admittedly, there's a lot of negative stuff, but there is quite a good deal of positive lessons as well.  Our Pre Sisterhood girls are being exposed to everything under the sun in school and through TV and movies, that unless we are up to date with what they are learning, we won't be able to guide and give them the right direction.  I have given a "mini-task" to our Baby Sis's and their moms to watch this movie on DVD before our monthly meeting (of course the Big Sis's will have to do this too!) and talk about the lessons taught in this movie, and the pros and cons of these ideas based on what God tells us He wants us to be.

  • Does God want girls and women to be fighters?  YES!! But how and for what purposes?  
  • Does God want girls to be obsessing about boys and trying to get their attention?  Sorry, but if you don't know the answer to this question, you may need some counseling...!
  • Does God care whether we dress in a feminine way, or does He care more about our inner strength?  
  • Should girls have strong opinions, and get tough sometimes?
  • Isn't femininity about softness and sensitivity?

Some of the above are trick questions, and some of them have the answer of both yes and no.  But how and when these aspects can and should be used by us as women and as young girls, has to come in line with the Word of God.  THAT'S what we'll be talking about and having fun with in our upcoming Pre-Sisterhood meeting in Texas on the 26th.

We'll be posting more very soon!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

When Mom is Well, All is Well

The Pre-Sisterhood is just as much about moms learning how to guide their daughters as it is the girls themselves.  Send these links to all moms you know, as we'll be posting up plenty of tips on how to be the best one for your little sweetie pies!

What happens when kids are surrounded by others who don't really care that they exist?  They get really really active.  They laugh louder than necessary, they talk louder, they put on a really annoying act that they are so incredibly happy no matter what happens.  They are, in fact, trying to make themselves believe that they are happy.  Quiet and calm are irritants to these children because they are forced remember they feel rejected and unloved, and then all sorts of behavior problems can arise.  Destructive behavior, anger, aggression, depression, even young children can seek out addictions to hide the pain.

Every heard of that little problem called bi-polar?  This sense of rejection is often the spark that starts a chain reaction that eventually gets kids diagnosed and prescribed mind-numbing drugs by psychiatrists. They are told they have a "chemical imbalance" that can only be treated with psychotic drugs. What they most often have, is parental malfunction.

A few weeks ago I visited an orphanage not too far from Houston with some of the Sisterhood girls to have some fun and games with the children there.  The littlest ones just soaked up all the love and attention with eagerness.  But the 9 and up crowd were exactly as I had described.  First cold and suspicious, and then changed to become excessively loud, active, laughing, jumping, talking, shouting, as if they wanted to believe they were so very happy.  These kids were trying so hard to prove a point, their desperate attempt to appear happy was heartbreaking to witness.  They weren't really trying to prove anything to us - they were trying to prove it to themselves.

No one gives birth to an automatically happy child.  You can't say, "Wow, this one just worked out better than the other one.  I guess he's a keeper!"  Children don't just "work out."  Each has his or her own uniqueness in personality and talents, but their sense of well-being and security has to be formed by their parents.  An unhappy, fearful mother creates instability at home.

A parent that sends signals through their behavior that they resent the presence of their child creates instability, no matter how much time or monty they spend on them, no matter how often they drag them to church.  Kids are experts at finding hypocrisy in us.  If we say we love them and then roll our eyes at the fact that they actually behave like children, their antennae are up to figure out why they are so unwanted, and their hyper-switch is activated.  If mom is tired of me, maybe she'll notice me more if I'm really really loud!  What if I just say, "Hey Mom? Ya know what mom?  Mom? Hey Mom, ya know what?"  over and over every few minutes? That should make her love me more!  Still doesn't work?  Maybe if I kick my sister in the shins and smash her doll against the chair Mom will see how much I need her...

We all know how well that works.

Mothers who find help for themselves first, stand the biggest chance of ever helping their children.  Just the atmosphere at home becomes brighter when Mom is at peace, and without having to say much at all, everyone feels a whole lot happier - including Dad.  And why am I picking at poor Mom as if it's all her problem?  I'm   not.  I just know that among all the couples and families I've counseled, if Mom is truly well - all is well, and the rest can be sorted out.

Welcome one and all!!

Mom's, daughters, Dads, brothers, you all are more than welcome to enjoy the contents of this blog, as we teach our Pre-Sisterhood girls all about growing to become what God created them to be.  They're already beautiful and smart, but it's our job to make sure they are refined by God's ways and principles.

Here are the photos from April's Pre-Sisterhood meeting with the moms and girls at SiLC in Houston.  Big Sis's, send your photos so we can start a fun gallery of all that your girls are doing!