Monday, November 4, 2013

November Tasks - to be done cheerfully!

This is the month of Thanksgiving!! It’s the month where we give thanks to God for all He’s done for us, for all He’s provided.  This began when the first Christians who settled in America came from England, and depended on God to provide for them and give them a new home where they could worship God freely.  It was not easy, and everyone had to work together to survive that first year, but God blessed them abundantly.

If we want big blessings and a great life, we need to be willing to do at least 3 things.  If we don’t, God won’t be able to bless us with all that He wants to give us.  What are those 3 things?

Be willing to work hard with a cheerful heart
Depend on God to guide you
Give all the thanks and glory to God when the blessings come

This month of November, let’s learn to do all 3 of those things.  These are your tasks:

Read the book, “Little House in the Big Woods,” by Laura Ingalls Wilder (you can find it in any library or bookstore) PROOF:  Meet with your Big Sis every week and talk about the book.

Notice how the family had to work hard, and everyone was a team.  Become a daughter in your house who is part of the family team.  Ask your mom or dad to choose 2 tasks for you this month to help the family work together well.  (For example, set the table for every family meal, rake the leaves in the yard a few times a week, fold laundry etc.)  Make sure that you do these tasks CHEERFULLY!!
PROOF: Take pictures and share them with your Big Sis, who will share them on our community

Pray every morning for your family, for your parents’ jobs and for your brothers and sisters to be blessed in school or work.  Ask God to lead your family to make the right choices.

Give thanks to God every evening before you go to bed, for every good thing that happened that day.