Friday, September 6, 2013

September Tasks

  1. Pray for your teacher at school and the kids in your class every night before you go to bed.  Have your mom or dad anoint your head before you leave for school every morning to bless you.  Proof: tell your Big Sis about it and share with her any problems you may have at school so she can pray for you too.
  2. Do something special for Kids Zone or PreTeen Force, depending on which group you belong to.  It can be donating special posters and decorations, or craft items like new crayons or construction paper, or snacks for your classes.  Proof:  Show it to your Big Sis and take a picture of what you’ve done to share in our community.
  3. Do something fun with your friend like sister that was assigned to you last July.  Proof: Take pictures of you together and find out something new about her that you didn’t know that you can share with your Big Sis and in the next meeting. 
  4. Read the story of Hannah in the Bible and be ready to talk about it in our meeting.