Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tasks for July - love to learn!

The Bible says that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Fear of God is about respecting God. When you respect someone, you do what He teaches you to do and never displeases. If you always put Jesus first in your life, you will not want to displease him, and with that, He will give you wisdom all the days of your life.

Wisdom also comes by reading what is good: the Bible, and books with a message that will lift up your spirit to God.

Wisdom comes with looking at the examples of others, seeing their strengths and learning from them, and also seeing their mistakes and learning to avoid the same problems.

And wisdom comes when we study, both in and out of school. It’s summer vacation now, and many of you don’t want to even think about the first day of school at the end of August.  But this is the time to keep your mind alert to learning.  If you had a hard time adjusting to school last year, decide by faith that this year will be completely different.  Learn to love learning even now.  Discover the joy of letting new ideas sink into your mind, ask questions, research, love to learn!

JULY TASKS: Have you even known people who were unwise in the choices they made?  Did you see the problems that were caused because they didn’t want to learn from God, or learn from their parents?  Write a short paragraph about the bad examples you have seen, and the unwise things you are determined to avoid in your life. Keep a copy and give another copy to your Big Sis.

Get together at least once a week with the new Friend Like Sister that your Big Sis will assign you, and learn something new together.  Your moms or Big Sis’s can give suggestions, if you need.   Write about what you learned in the Godllywood Girls community at least once a week.

Read the book: "The Profile of the Youth of God,” by Bishop Renato.  If you have a hard time understanding it, read it together with your moms.  For those who don’t have the “Profile of the Youth of God” book available in your churches, read “A Girl After God’s Own Heart,” by Elizabeth George (available in most bookstores and online.) Write what you learned from your readings in our Godllywood Girls community.

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